My Dog Is 60 Days Pregnant and Not Showing

Having a dog is a wonderful thing. After all, they’re not called man’s best friends for nothing. That said, when your dog is pregnant, how can you support her and make her comfortable when she doesn’t even look pregnant?

Pregnant dogs are slightly different from not pregnant dogs. They may look normal when viewed from a distance, but they have certain features that will dictate that they’re pregnant when you look closely. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss dogs and their features when they’re pregnant. 

Can a dog be pregnant and not look pregnant?

As stated above, pregnant dogs don’t look any different from normal dogs at first glance. So don’t get confused when a pregnant dog doesn’t look like she’s pregnant.

A dog that is pregnant will have changes in its features within 20-21 days of her term. This is the range that the vet will know if your dog is pregnant. 

When the dog’s teats have been swollen and discharge fluids when squeezed is one of the indicators that a dog is pregnant. This shows on the 30th day after mating, so you better observe your dog’s confirmed pregnancy. On the 3rd day of pregnancy, your dog’s weight will increase because the babies in her belly are growing. 

Phantom pregnancy is also an occurrence for dogs after their heat period. This can occur even if they didn’t mate during their heat period.

Phantom pregnancy copies the signs of a true pregnancy, which occurs 45 days after their heat period. To make sure your dog is pregnant, you have to consult your vet about it.  

Can a dog be pregnant and not have a big belly?

Yes, dogs can be pregnant and not have a big belly. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that the dog’s belly has to be also big, so don’t get confused or worried if your dog doesn’t look like she swallowed a small watermelon. 

First-time moms will not show a swollen belly when they’re pregnant. A small breed of dogs will not show a big belly since their litter container will have small dogs. Prominent symptoms of pregnancy in dogs can be listed and easy to spot. 

Mucus discharge can occur in your dog’s vaginal part around one month after mating. Swollen nipples also occur in dogs that are pregnant. They show around the 30th day of pregnancy.

Pregnant humans have their morning sickness as a sign of pregnancy, and our dogs don’t differ from these symptoms. Dogs will vomit a little when they have their morning sickness. Dogs will gain weight sometime after showing signs of pregnancy. 

What stage of pregnancy do dogs start showing?

The earliest date that a dog can show signs of pregnancy is 21-25 days of her pregnancy term. The change in hormone levels is the earliest test that the veterinarian can use to determine if the dog is pregnant. 

The next earliest test to use is the ultrasound which can be used as early as 22 days of pregnancy. Ultrasound may not be as accurate as it seems, so you should be ready that extra puppy may come when the dog is in labor. 

Can a dog be 7 weeks pregnant but not showing?

Having a pregnant dog can actually be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Earliest you can know that your dog is pregnant is after 21 days, but you’ll need special equipment to know for sure – an ultrasound machine.

Usual symptoms that can be seen without the vet’s help appear after 4-6 weeks. This means symptoms will show before the 7th week of pregnancy.

You just have to look carefully for symptoms since they will show before the 7th week. In the 7th week, your dog will now be tired and have fewer activities. She may also be quieter. 

Can a dog be pregnant and not show on ultrasound?

As stated above, an ultrasound can confirm the dog’s pregnancy in 21 days of pregnancy.

It’s the most effective way to know if your dog is pregnant. The optimal number of days to use ultrasound to know if your dog is pregnant is after 30 days of mating. 

It’s impossible that the ultrasound will miss the litter inside the dog’s belly. It uses soundwaves to know what are the contents of the belly of the dog, which means the soundwave will bounce on the litter in the belly.

It may be impossible not to know if your dog is pregnant or not when using ultrasound, but it may miss a few pups. The number of dogs is not confirmed when using ultrasound since it’s just based on soundwaves. 

Can my dog give birth at 60 days?

The regular term of dogs lasts for 59 to 65 days but on average 63 days. So yes, a dog can give birth for 60 days, but it may be premature. Premature birth is not common when it comes to dogs but rather a miscalculation on the part of the owner. 

Premature birth is not common, but small dogs have higher chances of premature birth.

You can tell that the litter is premature when they have little to no hair and are small in size compared to past litters of your dog.

Keep in mind, the mother of your dog may reject the premature puppy and needs another type of help. You need to feed the premature puppy manually since they don’t suck as strongly as other puppies.

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