Popped Bubble Eye Goldfish: What to Do

The bubble-eye goldfish is a type of fancy goldfish that are recognizable for their big eyes that have very large bubble-looking sacs filled with liquid. These bubbles give them a strange but fascinating appearance and make them easily recognizable.

Unfortunately, these bubble sacs can get easily broken. Just the littlest bit of force can break these bubbles, leading to several negative effects on the now popped bubble eye goldfish.

In this article, we will discuss popped bubble eye goldfish and talk about what you can do when your bubble-eye goldfish’s bubble has popped.

popped bubble eye goldfish
Source: Aquaria Central Forums

Why do bubble-eye goldfish have bubbles?

The bubbles of a bubble-eye goldfish develop when they’re still very young, at around 6 to 9 months old. These bubbles continue growing throughout the bubble-eye goldfish’s life.

Nobody actually knows the real reason why bubble-eye goldfish have bubbles in the first place. That said, these types of goldfish only exist in domesticated settings. You can’t find bubble-eye goldfish in the wild.

According to Japanese scientists, the bubble-eye goldfish’s sacs are filled with fluids called ‘lymph’ that can stimulate the growth of cells.

Upon observing this interesting goldfish variety, they saw that the bubbles can actually regenerate if it happens to be punctured. The sacs can also refill with liquid if, for whatever reason, the sac gets drained.

During their experiments, they found out that they could carefully drain the fluid at least once a year, with no noticeably negative effects on the bubble-eye goldfish. This is a major milestone in the study of cell growth

What happens if you pop a bubble-eye goldfish?

Bubble-eye goldfish are not hard fishes to care for. However, the bubbles under their eyes can easily get popped or punctured by various objects in their surroundings.

As mentioned above, the bubbles can regenerate and refill with liquid even if something happens. Unfortunately, the injury itself can make the fish more prone to infections. This is obviously painful for the bubble-eye goldfish.

If the infection gets worse, the bubble-eye goldfish will get weak and may even eventually die.

Depending on the type of injury that happens, the fish can also become blind since the bubbles are connected to their under-eye.

Lastly, the popped bubble may not grow back the same size, which can make the popped bubble-eye goldfish’s swimming more imbalanced and therefore harder.

Are popped bubble-eye goldfish in pain?

Popped bubble-eye goldfish can be in pain since we can consider the popping as an injury.

For instance, if the cause of the popping is the fish accidentally getting sucked into a filter or hitting a sharp rock, then these are obviously very painful situations for the fish.

In the case of the Japanese scientists above, carefully draining liquid from the bubbles, which technically deflates it, may not hurt the fish since it can’t be considered an injury.

In the first place, though, you should consider the morality of owning a bubble-eye goldfish in the first place. After all, these goldfishes are bred domestically. They don’t really exist naturally in the wild.

Just think: they were bred specifically to not have a dorsal fin and to have those liquid-filled sacs under their eyes. 

Due to this, bubble-eye goldfish aren’t able to see properly. Since the sacs are right underneath their eyes, they always have to be looking up. This means that even doing basic things, like trying to find their mates, is more difficult for these fishes. In short, they can’t behave normally unlike other goldfish that don’t have bubble eyes, popped or otherwise.

How do you treat Popeye in goldfish?

Popeye is actually an entirely different problem in goldfish. 

However, all goldfish varieties, including bubble eye goldfishes, are predisposed to developing Popeye because of their anatomy. Their protruding eyeballs make them more prone to trauma as well as injury. This can lead to Popeye.

Luckily, there are many ways to cure Popeye in a goldfish. You can use Epsom salt, antibiotics, or anti-bacterial medicine. Fish remedies that can kill other diseases like fin and tail rot, body slime, and mouth fungus can also cure Popeye.

In the case of popped bubbles in bubble-eye goldfishes, though, the best thing you can do is to support them. Just make sure that the water is clean at all times to speed up the fish’s healing process and to avoid infections that can lead to problems later on.

How long do popped bubble eye goldfish live for?

Popped bubble-eye goldfish can live as long as un-popped bubble-eye goldfish, which is 10-15 years. Again, as mentioned, if the popped bubble-eye can heal without any issues, the fish can maintain a fairly regular life once it grows back.

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