Purigen Planted Tank: Is It Safe?

No matter how good we are at tank-keeping, sometimes we have to admit that going all-natural isn’t always the best way to care for our tank. Formulas, medications, and solutions can make tank-keeping not just easier, but also more efficient.

One example of this is Purigen. Purigen is a great product that can make water crystal clear without harming your fish and plants. However, some aquarists who own planted tanks say they noticed a slowing in the growth of their greenery.

In this article, we’ll discuss Purigen in a planted tank and whether or not it’s safe for your plants.

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What is Purigen?

Purigen is a product from the company Seachem, which makes plenty of other formulas for tanks.

Purigen, in particular, has a high-quality synthetic absorption, unlike other filter products. According to its own website, it’s not a mixture of ions or adsorbents but is a “unique macroporous polymer” that removes water-soluble and insoluble pollutants at a faster and higher rate than other competing products on the market.

It’s extremely popular to use among aquarists and tank-keepers due to how easy it is to use.

What does Purigen do for an aquarium?

Purigen controls ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites by doing away with natural waste like nitrogen. Nitrogen is known to release those aforementioned dangerous substances, which are definitely harmful to your tank, planted or otherwise.

The best thing about Purigen is that it has minimal impacts to trace minerals. It can make the water crystal clear by removing all the undesired things in the water.

Is Purigen good for planted tanks?

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There’s no real evidence that Purigen is bad for planted tanks.

Aquascapers regularly use it to keep their tank crystal clear, especially in tanks with driftwood. Driftwood is known to release tannins in the water, which makes the water have a dark, tea-steeped look to it. While some tank-keepers see this look, called “Blackwater” as something amazing, it’s certainly not for everyone. And for those people who don’t want this look, they use chemicals like Purigen to ensure that the water is always clear, all the time.

This is also why Purigen works so well in planted tanks. In order for plants to thrive, they usually need a good soil substrate. However, soil substrates tend to leak nitrogen into the tank water. Over time, this can cause harmful spikes in the water that can be dangerous to your tank creatures.

Purigen solves this by absorbing all the bad things in the water.

Is Seachem Purigen bad for plants?

Not all of Seachem’s products are suitable for planted tanks. Some products are only suitable for fish-only aquariums. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they will kill plants outright, though. Typically, those products will change the water chemistry in a way that affects plants negatively. This can, obviously, prevent the proper growth of plants.

Luckily, Seachem does have plenty of products that work in planted tanks, and this list includes Purigen.

Aside from Purigen, there’s also Prime, which merely removes chloramine and chlorine from the water; Pristine, which helps maintain beneficial bacteria that will aid in the stability of the tank and remove harmful compounds; and Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer, which work together to achieve the right KH and pH for a tank.

If you tried Purigen in your tank and see that your plants are dying or slowing down in growth, there’s likely another underlying cause for the problem. It’s unlikely that Purigen caused the direct cause of the issue.

Does Purigen remove plant fertilizer?

If you’re using plant fertilizer to ensure the growth of your plants, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s nothing to worry about. Purigen only affects organic compounds in the water. Purigen doesn’t absorb plant fertilizer, which is an inorganic compound, so you can still keep using it on your plants.

In fact, using plant fertilizer is recommended in planted tanks, regardless if you’re using Purigen or not. Plant fertilizers don’t just keep your plants healthy, they also promote the growth of new plants in your tank.

How long does it take Purigen to work?

Purigen is a fast-acting solution. After putting it in your tank, it should work fully within 24 hours.

Many aquarists observe that it works much faster than this. Some say that it works in mere minutes, while others say it works in a few hours. Of course, it does depend on the size of your tank. If you have a 55 gallon tank, don’t be surprised if it’s taking longer to work in your tank than in a 10 gallon tank.

Nevertheless, you should expect it to clear your water within the day.

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