My Dog Was Neutered but Still Has Balls?

They say that having a pet is a responsibility. You have to take care of them, feed them, and of course love them. Having a dog is a very good thing but you have to be responsible for their actions. Some owners say that neutering your dog, which involves removing their reproductive organ, is a responsibility.

If you’ve been a dog owner for a while, you must be familiar with the concept of spaying and neutering. However, some owners notice that after neutering, their dog still seem to have ball-like appendages. While these aren’t actually balls, it’s understandable how they can be mistaken for one.

In this article we’re going to discuss neutering male dogs.

What is neutering?

Neutering in dogs typically means removing a dog’s testicles. It’s a surgical procedure that is done on dogs to remove their capability to reproduce. The incision will be made near the scrotum, then the testest is removed, and then the incision is sewen back.

It’s usually recommended for dogs 4-6 months of age but vets say that any time after that is also okay.

Owners mainly think that the only reason to neuter a dog is to stop them from reproducing, but there are also other effects. Another effect of neutering is that known neutered dogs become less aggressive. Roaming is also reduced to neutered dogs since they no longer feel the urge to find a mate. The last but most important effect of neutering to dogs is they have a reduced health risk like prostate diseases.

The only disadvantage of neutering is that there might be complications due to the general anesthesia but it’s just a small risk to take to gain a huge benefit.

What happens to male dog testicles after neutering?

For the first few days after neutering, the testicles of male dogs will appear swollen. This is because of the incision made in the neutering process. You have to prevent the dog from licking the incision by using a bucket collar. 

The testicles of immature dogs do not bulge on their early stage of life. When they are neutered before this happens, the part where the testicles would grow would be a flat surface.

With mature dogs, on the other hand, their testicles would’ve already grown. When they are neutered, their former testicles would become pieces of hanging skin.

Can you neuter a dog without removing testicles?

There is a new way to neuter a dog without removing its testicles, it is called “zeutering.”

In this process, the vet will inject a dose of zinc compound called zeuterin directly into the dog’s testicles. This compound will act as a spermicide and completely remove the sperm in the dog’s testicles. The zeuterin will also scar the organ of the dog causing infertility. 

This process will have to take 30 days or a month to take effect. This can save time in comparison to traditional neutering which needs the anesthesia to take effect before proceeding to the surgery. It is recommended that you have to keep your dog from mating 60 days after the procedure to have its full effect.

Of course, there’s also a risk that comes with the convenience of zeutering. The most critical part of the procedure is the injection technique. Manufacturers of zeuterin train the veterinarians that are going to use zeuterin as their alternative to traditional neutering.

The effects can range from irritation, swelling, and pain. The dog may evcen develop an infection on the injected area. In any case of infection, the dog will have to undergo surgery to remove the infected tissues. 

You have to consult your vet when choosing which type of neutering is suitable for your dog and what is the most comfortable for you.

Do they remove both testicles when neutering a dog?

Both testicles are removed during the neutering procedure. Neutering is a major surgery, but most vets will be experienced enough to handle it since it’s such a common procedure done on dogs.

A general checkup is made before the start of surgery. The vets will make sure that the organs are in order and your dog is in shape for surgery.

General anesthesia is used to make to dog sleep during the procedure. When the dog is asleep the procedure will undergo. The dog will be given a tube to help him breathe properly. 

The dog will be hooked up to a machine that surveys his vital signs. The surgical area will now be cleaned meaning that the hair will be shaved. The incision will be made and both testicles will be removed.

After the testicles are removed the vet will now put sutures and glue them to the incision to close it. The breathing tube is now removed and the dog will be monitored before sending him back home.

Why does my neutered dog still have balls?

It is a common misconception that the dog still has balls after the surgery. It is because it still has a ball shape form in the part where the testicles are in the past. It is just a scrotal hematoma meaning that the so-called balls are just blood clot and other fluids from the neutering process. 

The hematoma will disappear after 7-10 days from the operation. You just have to prevent your dog from licking it to avoid any infections.

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