Why Schnauzers Are the Worst Dogs?

One look at schnauzers and you’ll most certainly fall in love with the breed. From their nice little beards to the cute, curly coats, you might think that schnauzers can do no wrong. But, that’s where you’re wrong. Most schnauzer owners would tell you that there is a plethora of challenges they have to deal with to keep their dogs. And if you don’t love dogs that much, such challenges might prove too difficult for you to continue living with your schnauzer.

What’s the worst quality of schnauzers?

Perhaps the worst trait that schnauzers can possess is their stubbornness. These dog breeds are known for their stubbornness. The latter trait cut across all the breeds and that makes it very difficult for their owners to tame them. Your schnauzer will almost always protest anything and everything and all it takes is not being in the mood.


For instance, schnauzers hate being left alone. So, whenever you do that, they’ll throw a tantrum in protest. Unfortunately, schnauzer tantrums have everything to do with a lot of barking and aggression. The same also goes with training as schnauzers loath training not because they aren’t intelligent but because training feels like too much work for them.

Do schnauzers make the list for the top five worst dog breeds?

There are a plethora of things to consider before concluding that a dog isn’t an appropriate breed for anyone. The best thing for you to do is study all the good qualities before you can compare them to the worst traits. That said, the schnauzer breed comes with its fair share of disadvantages and bad qualities. These bad qualities include stubbornness, aggression, and upkeep among many other qualities.

Thankfully, many other dog breeds are considered worse than schnauzers. These dog breeds include the Siberian husky, the bullmastiff, the American bulldog, the Rottweiler, and the American Pitbull terrier. That said, I have reason to believe that, even though the schnauzer doesn’t make the top five, it sure as hell makes the top twenty worst dog breeds of 2021 with little to no effort.

What’s the reason behind schnauzers barking so much?

Another quality that makes the schnauzers, especially the miniature schnauzers are a tad undesirable, is how fond they are of barking. There’re quite many things that encourage them to bark. For instance, if your schnauzer is bored, he or she would start barking in search of some excitement.

Schnauzer standing outside

The same goes when they’re hungry and are trying to get your attention to fill up their bowls. Perennial barking can be a result of depression or being frightened. That said, if you ever get to that point, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself whether your dog is suffering from any of the issues mentioned above.

The last thing you want to do is acknowledge their noise because doing so would only encourage them to keep barking. The best thing you can do is ignore the barking while looking for the reason behind the annoying barking.

What makes schnauzers difficult to live with?

Schnauzers are arguably the most adorable dog breed. Unfortunately, they do have a handful of traits that make it extremely difficult to live with. As I mentioned earlier, schnauzers have a knack for barking whenever they’re hungry, depressed, or bored. While the latter makes them excellent watchdogs, the barking makes them quite irritating.

These dogs have also been known for their aggression. The latter is worse especially when you don’t socialize them from an early age. The problem with aggression is that your dog can end up scaring off peoples’ children and that can lead to a plethora of undesirable situations that you could comfortably live without.

Another thing that makes it virtually impossible to live with schnauzers is how expensive it is to groom them. For instance, their beautiful, curly furs need constant grooming. Failure to groom your Schnauzer can easily lead to it having funny smells that might leave you extremely uncomfortable.

A schnauzer outdoors

You also have to be prepared to have someone to keep your schnauzer company at all times. Failure to do so would lead to your dog becoming depressed since they are built to socialize, especially with people they love deeply. The latter would be a problem if you have to go to work every other weekday.

Finally, the reason why we all love having pets is that they make us feel whole. Unfortunately, schnauzers are so serious that they hate being picked up and petted. That said, always keep an eye out for a bite or a bark in case you insist on picking them up.

What makes schnauzers aggressive?

Schnauzers are naturally calm and collected dog breed. But, expect that to change as soon as your dog is introduced to an unfamiliar environment. Your schnauzer might even lash out and bite whenever a stranger tries to get too friendly. The same goes when your dog is angry or stressed.