Pregnant Dog Belly Smaller: Is It Possible?

Having a pregnant dog is always an exciting thing. It’s like waiting for a package you ordered online, except, with this package, you never know what exactly to expect.

Counting the number of days until your dog gives birth can be thrilling, but it has its ups and downs as well. For one, some owners notice their dog’s belly getting smaller as the weeks pass by. Unless she suffered a miscarriage, this isn’t really possible – it’s probably either an illusion or a phantom pregnancy.

In this article, we’ll calm your worries about your pregnant dog’s belly getting smaller.

Why does my pregnant dog’s belly look smaller on some days?

If you’re 100% sure that your dog is pregnant, it’s impossible for her belly to look smaller as the pregnancy progresses. The puppies inside should be growing, which means it should get bigger and bigger the closer she is to whelping.

If she still appears smaller, you may just be observing her whole structure. Pregnant or not, dogs can appear smaller depending on their position. For instance, they may be sitting or lying on their back.

In addition to this, it’s normal for dogs to appear smaller on some days when she’s pregnant. Take note: the body itself will look smaller, not just her belly.  This is due to the ligaments around their pelvis that stretch to prepare them for labor. Your dog’s belly may appear lower, making her whole body appear smaller.

Do pregnant dogs’ bellies drop?

Yes, pregnant dogs’ bellies can drop. This happens halfway through their pregnancy since the litter inside your dog will start to grow and have more weight. Their belly will also be rounded also because of the increasing size of the litter inside her. 

You should also observe and be vigilant when you notice your dog’s belly dropping. It may be a sign that she is near labor.

In addition to belly dropping in your dogs, her teats might start to secrete milk on them. In a behavioral aspect of your dog, she may start to pant more than usual and will start to pace around. Your dog will start to ‘dig’ through things making her nest, and will start to rest more than regular. 

Can a pregnant dog not look pregnant?

Dogs are like humans. When a human is pregnant, it will now show until the late stages of pregnancy, or it may now show at all. There are cases like this similar to dogs. Your dog’s belly doesn’t need to be big as a watermelon when pregnant, so there is no need to worry about it. 

One of the reasons your dog’s belly doesn’t get large enough when they are pregnant is that they might have a small number of puppies inside them.

Another reason is that maybe your dog belongs to a small breed, meaning that the litter inside them might be small too.

If you are worried about your dog not looking pregnant, you should go see a veterinarian and have your dog take an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. 

Can a dog give birth and not look pregnant?

There are some cases that the dogs’ bellies will not look big and drop even if they are about to give birth. One of the reasons is that your dog’s breed might be small, so the litter inside her might be small, too.

Another reason is that maybe the number of puppies inside her is not that many, so it is not noticeable at all. 

There are other factors that can be noticeable even if your dog’s belly is not big. You should check your dog’s nipples – they will be rounded and will start to drip milk on them. Another sign is that your dog’s behavior might change, observe that she may be looking around a place to give birth to. 

When does a pregnant dog start showing?

Just like stated above dogs are like humans that do not show signs of pregnancy in the early stages. Dogs will start showing signs of pregnancy on the 40th day of pregnancy.

About this time, you can observe that your dog’s belly is larger than normal. Then after another 2-3 weeks, you can start noticing that your dog’s nipples will get larger and may now start to leak milk in it. 

Behavioral changes can occur earlier. Just like humans, dogs will have their morning sickness; they may vomit for days during their 3rd week of pregnancy. Loss of appetite is also a sign of the early stages of pregnancy.

Your dog can also be lethargic as a sign of pregnancy. You should observe these symptoms because they might be another sign of sickness rather than pregnancy. 

What causes false pregnancies in dogs?

Again, just like humans, there are also cases of false pregnancies in dogs. It can occur in dogs that have symptoms of pregnancy, but it’s actually just hormones.

False pregnancy in dogs is caused by rapid changes of hormones in their bodies. This can occur within 6 – 8 weeks after their heat period. This can happen with the spayed and unspayed dogs so you should need to observe more to confirm the pregnancy. 

To have a more accurate confirmation of pregnancy, you should ask your vet for an ultrasound of your dog.